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Paws & Tales

Paws & Tales

Paws & Tales

About Paws & Tales

Welcome to Wildwood! Here the folks live just like you and me. They love fun and adventure, enjoy their work and family, and try to learn each day what it means to be like Christ. Paws & Tales is a radio drama produced by Insight for Living whose mission is to help parents teach biblical theology to their kids through memorable, meaningful stories and music.

Every journey has a starting point, and Paws & Tales is a perfect place for preschoolers and early elementary-school-age kids to begin their lifelong walk with God. This engaging series captures the hearts of kids through characters they love and situations they can relate to. With sound biblical teaching, a foundation of faith and truth is set. While each episode stands alone as a valuable lesson for kids, the series works as a whole to help them form a firm spiritual foundation.