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Christmas Programs

Christmas Programs

Christmas Programs

About Christmas Programs

NOTE: Due to the length of three of the Treasures of the Snow Series episodes, You Are There begins at 6:55 AM December 13, 14 and 16.

Sat 12/4
6am-Lenny and Sid
5am/pm-The Scripture Speaks Christmas

Sun 12/5
3pm-You Are There
5pm-The Scripture Speaks Christmas

Mon 12/6
2a/7a/2p/9p-The Son of David (from Haven)
11pm-A Son A Savior

Tue 12/7
2a/7a/2p/9p-The Hope of Hanukkah
11pm-A Great Joy

Wed 12/8
2a/7a/2p/9p-From the Manger to the Cross
11pm-The Holy Spirit of Christmas

Thu 12/9
2a/7a/2p/9p-Veiled in Flesh (Haven)
3pm-Adventures in Odyssey Marathon
11pm-Where’s Christmas?

Fri 12/10
2a/7a/2p/9p-Candlelight Carols
3pm-Adventures in Odyssey Marathon

Sat 12/11
5a/p-The Bible Class Christmas
5:30a/p-Carter Conlon Christmas
6am-Deck the Malls

Sun 12/12
3pm-Joy, an Irish Christmas
5pm-The Son of David (from Haven)

Mon 12/13
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 1
6:55am/3pm-You Are There 1
11pm-Happy New Place

Tue 12/14
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 2
6:55am/3pm-You Are There 2
11pm-Come to the Manger

Wed 12/15
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 3
7am/3pm-You Are There 3
11pm-The Gift

Thu 12/16
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 4
6:55am/3pm-You Are There 4
11pm-Exceeding Great Joy

Fri 12/17
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 5
7am/3pm-You Are There 5
11pm-O Little Town of Bethlehem

Sat 12/18
5am/pm-The Scripture Speaks Christmas
6am-Christmas 2020

Sun 12/19
3pm to 6pm-The Nativity

Mon 12/20
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 6
7am/3pm-You Are There 6
11pm-December Live with Mark Schultz

Tue 12/21
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 7
7am/3pm-You Are There 7
11pm-December Live with Laura Story

Wed 12/22
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Unwrapping Christmas
7am/3pm-You Are There 8
11pm-Call Him Jesus

Thu 12/23
2a/7a/2p/9p-Christmas Vespers
3-5pm A Christmas Carol
11pm-Handel’s Messiah part 1

Fri 12/24
2a/7a/2p/9p-Christmas Stories from Focus on
the Family
3-5pm You Are There
11pm-Handel’s Messiah part 2

Sat 12/25
1pm Treasures of the Snow (to 8pm)
8pm-A Christmas Carol
10pm-Handel’s Messiah

Sun 12/26
3pm-Unwrapping Christmas
4pm-The Son of David
5pm-Candlelight Carols

Mon 12/27
2a/7a/2p/9p-The Son of David (from Haven)
11pm-A Very Special Birthday

Tue 12/28
2a/7a/2p/9p-The Lesser Characters of
11pm-Celebrate the King

Wed 12/29
2a/7a/2p/9p-The Day Grandpa Was Born
11pm-The Glory of the Lord

Thu 12/30
2a/7a/2p/9p-Ethel’s Amazing Umbrella
11pm-The Reason for the Season

Fri 12/31
2a/7a/2p/9p-When the Sun Comes Up in the Desert
11pm-Carter Conlon NYE message

Sat 1/1/22 and 1/2/22
5pm-The Bible Class New Year’s Message