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Christmas Specials

Christmas Specials

Christmas Specials

About Christmas Specials

We hope you enjoy all of our Christmas specials we have planned for this year! Please note that You Are There for December 13, 14 and 16 will begin at 6:55 AM instead of 7 AM because of the length of those three Treasures of the Snow segments that follow.

Here is the schedule:

Sat 12/4
6am-Lenny and Sid
5am/pm-The Scripture Speaks Christmas

Sun 12/5
3pm-You Are There
5pm-The Scripture Speaks Christmas

Mon 12/6
2a/7a/2p/9p-The Son of David (from Haven)
11pm-A Son A Savior

Tue 12/7
2a/7a/2p/9p-The Hope of Hanukkah
11pm-A Great Joy

Wed 12/8
2a/7a/2p/9p-From the Manger to the Cross
11pm-The Holy Spirit of Christmas

Thu 12/9
2a/7a/2p/9p-Veiled in Flesh (Haven)
3pm-Adventures in Odyssey Marathon
11pm-Where’s Christmas?

Fri 12/10
2a/7a/2p/9p-Candlelight Carols
3pm-Adventures in Odyssey Marathon

Sat 12/11
5a/p-The Bible Class Christmas
5:30a/p-Carter Conlon Christmas
6am-Deck the Malls

Sun 12/12
3pm-Joy, an Irish Christmas
5pm-The Son of David (from Haven)

Mon 12/13
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 1
7am/3pm-You Are There 1
11pm-Happy New Place

Tue 12/14
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 2
7am/3pm-You Are There 2
11pm-Come to the Manger

Wed 12/15
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 3
7am/3pm-You Are There 3
11pm-The Gift

Thu 12/16
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 4
7am/3pm-You Are There 4
11pm-Exceeding Great Joy

Fri 12/17
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 5
7am/3pm-You Are There 5
11pm-O Little Town of Bethlehem

Sat 12/18
5am/pm-The Scripture Speaks Christmas
6am-Christmas 2020

Sun 12/19
3pm to 6pm-The Nativity

Mon 12/20
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 6
7am/3pm-You Are There 6
11pm-December Live with Mark Schultz

Tue 12/21
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Treasures of the Snow 7
7am/3pm-You Are There 7
11pm-December Live with Laura Story

Wed 12/22
2a/7:15a/2p/9p-Unwrapping Christmas
7am/3pm-You Are There 8
11pm-Call Him Jesus

Thu 12/23
2a/7a/2p/9p-Christmas Vespers
3-5pm A Christmas Carol
11pm-Handel’s Messiah part 1

Fri 12/24
2a/7a/2p/9p-Christmas Stories from Focus on
the Family
3-5pm You Are There
11pm-Handel’s Messiah part 2

Sat 12/25
1pm Treasures of the Snow (to 8pm)
8pm-A Christmas Carol
10pm-Handel’s Messiah

Sun 12/26
3pm-Unwrapping Christmas
4pm-The Son of David
5pm-Candlelight Carols

Mon 12/27
2a/7a/2p/9p-The Son of David (from Haven)
11pm-A Very Special Birthday

Tue 12/28
2a/7a/2p/9p-The Lesser Characters of
11pm-Celebrate the King

Wed 12/29
2a/7a/2p/9p-The Day Grandpa Was Born
11pm-The Glory of the Lord

Thu 12/30
2a/7a/2p/9p-Ethel’s Amazing Umbrella
11pm-The Reason for the Season

Fri 12/31
2a/7a/2p/9p-When the Sun Comes Up in the Desert
11pm-Carter Conlon NYE message

Sat 1/1/22 and 1/2/22
5pm-The Bible Class New Year’s Message